Official bodies

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, in collaboration with the members of the Alumni Association, plays a crucial role in promoting and reinforcing contacts, mutual assistance, activities and information exchange between all the alumni and the EUI.

The Committee consists of five full members of the Alumni Association who are elected for two years. The five members of the Committee cover the following offices: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member. Candidates are elected by obtaining the majority of votes. The five candidates who received the majority of votes decide among themselves who will hold which position.

Electoral Sub-Committee

It is responsible for monitoring the electronic scrutiny of the elections

General Assembly

The General Assembly is composed of all Full Members of the Association as defined in art. 5 of the Alumni Association's Statute.

The General Assembly has the right and the duty to:

  1. elect the Executive Committee by simple majority following the procedure given in the Statute
  2. approve the Treasurer's report
  3. approve the administration of the Executive Committee
  4. decide on the dissolution of the Association
  5. decide on amendments to or modifications of the Statute.