How to join the EUI Alumni Association

Who is eligible?

Full membership of the Association shall be open to all research students, to post-doctoral fellows, Jean Monnet Fellows,Marie Curie Fellows and Max Weber Fellows who have been at the European University Institute for at least one academic year, selectedthrough the normal EUI selectionprocedure.

Visiting Fellows, Visiting Scholars, Visiting Students, Erasmus and other exchange students, cannot be full members. However, if they spent at least one year at the institute, they can join the Association as Friends and participating to some social events and networking activities.

Please register a profile on the website to become a member of the EUI Alumni Association.


The membership fee is €30 for one year and €80 for three years. Donations above these amounts are welcome.

Your membership status (and membership deadline) is accessible in your personal section of the website.

By clicking your membership deadline date you will be able to process the payment of your fee through Paypal or credit card.