The European University Institute (EUI) Alumni Association has officially created on May 18th, 1986 thanks to the efforts of the EUI Presidents Kohnstamm and Maihofer and a group of researchers and administrators of the EUI.  The building of the Alumni Association resulted by years of debates started in 1979, few years after the creation of the EUI. The original Statute of the Association was revised in 1990 for better defining the admission requisites and rules for Statute’s revision.

During its early years of existence, the Alumni Association was formally independent by the EUI, but in 1989, when the EUI started to provide the Association with a block grant, new rules were introduced to have the Association’s accounts supervised by the EUI administration. In 1994 the Statute changed again, and the Alumni Association became an Association registered under the Italian law. So, the EUI Alumni Association (officially denominated Associazione degli alumni dell’Istituto Universitario Europeo) became a separate body from the EUI notwithstanding its administration and funds remained under the EUI control. Meantime, the latter supported the Association with administrative support, in particular through the Alumni office and EUI personnel who acted as alumni officer.

In 2017, the EUI retired its support to the Alumni Association and asked for a complete separation between the two bodies. So, a new reform of the Association’s statute was realised by the Executive Committee, and the Association obtained a new juridical status (Associazione con personalità giuridica) that permitted to enlarge considerably the activities carried on by the Association and to manage its finance without interferences by the EUI.

In 2006 a history of the Alumni Association was published. The volume titled Noi si mura. The Building-up of the EUI Alumni Association 1986-2006 (download here).
Official documents of the Alumni association and other sources for its history are deposited at the Historical Archives of the EU in Fiesole, Alumni Association files (https://archives.eui.eu/en/fonds/148727?item=EUI.M.01).

Other official documents (Statutes, minutes of the General Assembly and Executive Committee meeting, Treasurer’s reports, other formal meetings’ minutes) are consultable in the Official Documents and Rules section of this website (link).